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Piles of Boxes

Piles of Boxes published on 3 Comments on Piles of Boxes

Hello everyone!

June was a weird month. I got a respiratory infection that had me coughing for whole nights and made me unable to sleep several nights. I ended up going to the doctor and taking a lot of meds and strong antibiotics. I am fine now, but i kinda took  two weeks to rest.

This is why i will most likely be unable to post two pages this  month which will suck for me since it means i get half my income. Feels bad.

On the last weeks i also started seeing a nutriologist to try to get my weight in check to help with the hypertension i had diagnosed back in February. So in two weeks i lost 3.5 kilograms. To be honest i was expecting more, but i have been told that is a decent amount.

On last news, if i am lucky i may be able to start working on my traveler’s Visa. If i get that i may be able to actually start planning trips abroad again in the future. This has me excited.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Yea I can echo neksuscat’s comment, that they’re going to find plenty of reasons to get dirty…

And if she’s really going to go that far for ‘payback’? Face it, she’s a keeper, and she wants him to know it.

They’re like a mirror of each other there.. keeping their own places messy but someone else’s is fair game for a cleaning… especially if they’re someone they like.

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