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Pop goes the weasel!

Pop goes the weasel! published on No Comments on Pop goes the weasel!

Well… that hurts. Happy 2015 everyone?

On a very different subject i do have to give some bad  news from my part. Back in the middle of december my newspaper was the target of a rather hostile takeover by the inversionists. They had the 51% of the actions so there was little we could do, the problem is that their action was sudden and unexpected by anyone.

Basically, they wanted to use our brand and readers to push their own political agenda (welcome to mexican politics). So they are doing their own thing now (with really poorly written articles i must add) and they left a barebones infraestructure of what was before, a great team.

They cut down whole departments, including sales, distribution, multimedia, design, development and animation. So… i am now currently unemployed.

I have decided to try to live off as a freelancer for a couple of months and see how well i do living of commissions and the comic pages. If i see i am not cut for that kind of life… i’ll return to job hunting. The sad part is that i was ready to start applying for a new Visa for the US since i was planning to visit and meet some of my friends. Being unemployed means that the odds of it being denied to me are higher… which is not  something i appreciate.

So if you follow any of my online galleries and have seen a huge surge of art and activity from my part, you now got my answer as to why.

On the bright side, i am using this time to finish stuff i owe to people and to create content  (like wallpapers) to my Patrons so at least i am being way more productive.

So anyways, 2015 if a whole new year and i got no idea what it will be bringing to my life. I might get a good surprise this year.

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