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Razzle Dazzle Me

Razzle Dazzle Me published on 13 Comments on Razzle Dazzle Me

Been trying to stay positive but to be honest it is getting harder and harder for me to do it.

I am a socially awkward person and i struggle to make friends because of that. The ones i have i value a lot since they are hard to replace for me. So it really baffles my mind that someone would rather throw things away over stuff that could easily be replaced. It is worse if this involves breaches in trust and lies. And then you are told not to say anything about this to avoid making a mess in the house. It is horrible, and i know that eventually things will get worse and the mess will be bigger than the one you are trying to prevent.

I feel disrespected and undervalued and yet i can’t do anything about this because i end up being the asshole badguy. Doesn’t help that people keep promising stuff that they don’t even keep for years and i am here just waiting for stuff to happen in good faith to them.

I guess i just needed some venting.

Sorry for the shitty update text, i’ll try to be more “positive” on the next comic update.


A part of me wants to believe that Mayte is manipulating Ghassan with not knowing that’s a large number…kind of like what she did with Ben. Speaking of Ben, I noticed that this guy is also blue. Is it me or does Mayte have a thing for blue men? Not the music group The Blue Men. XD
Wait a minute…looking back in the past comics, Mayte always had legs. Did her family just prever them over serpent mode? For that matter, what happened to her original white dress? Is it with Jane or did it get lost in the dry cleaners? XD For that matter, is it some kind of special material that bends to the body.
And…something tells me that Mayte lost any and all chances with Ghassan with mutant Alex. XD

Serpents evolved to live and move in the water by sacrificing the legs. The problem comes when you have anthros that have to interact with other species. Making water serpents clumsy on land and easy targets for criminals. A younger serpent would want to know how it is to walk freely on land, same as a non flying species would wonder how flying feels like. Luckily Ramalach arrived and taught them to make legs, you just had to swear loyalty to him for life.

*hugs Avencri tight* Speaking to you friends and loved ones is important to keep the bond. Speaking to people honestly is also important to bond with them. It’s sad that too many already been taught that it’s better to lie than to tell the truth, creating alot more misunderstanging and pain than easing things up. I’d love to be your friend and talk to you, if you want or comfortable to. ^^

what kind of power is that? To alter the composition of your body as to form a flesh puppet/muppet?
Mayte the cutest Deep One to exist

Basically yeah, Mayte can alter he body to different needs but she will always keep her colors and texture. This is not actual shapeshifting, this is just being able to morph your body to different needs or uses. Mayte’s first idea to “Think outside the box” of what she knew was to make a handpuppet.

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