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Ron The Alpha published on 7 Comments on Ron The Alpha
Hey everyone.
I got some bad news on my end. As you remember, last month i was only able to post a single page.
It seems that july is going to be the same. Unless you guys don’t mind me posting a WIP page later at Patreon today. I am delayed with the rewards and i apologize for that. As i said before, i AM going to do them so just keep your requests coming. As long as they are made in time you are not to worry. Once i finish page 224 i will dedicate a week or two to stream patreon rewards until i am done.
Here is the thing. In the past months i have been starting the paperwork to get my US Visa from scratch since i was fool enough during college tolet it expire to focus on my studies. So now i got to get it done as if it was my first time ever applying for it.
For that, i had to get my tax paper done and i got a local accountant from my hometown. He is a friend of the family so i assumed everything was ok there. Turns out he forgot to do my taxes for the whole year because he was in an electoral campaign for a new mayor at my hometown and his guy actually won this past June. I had to go to my hometown to get those paper and basically… what was meant to be a 3 days top trip to get all the papers done ended up being 2 whole weeks of me being there not getting my papers. I also didn’t have my hardware to work on comics or pictures there so i basically lost 2 weeks worth of work time because of an accountant forgot i was his client and bureaucracy.
On good news, this means that in September i MAY get my Visa. With this i can finally start planning trips to the US to meet several of my friends that live there. I am excited about it!
But as for now… i got to get back to page 224 and get everything ready for several days of me basically streaming Patreon rewards all day long. X_X
Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry for not bringing the best of news on this update.


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