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Shady Indeed

Shady Indeed published on 13 Comments on Shady Indeed

Well, things do need to be done in a complete way to avoid leaks or unsavory stuff. As long as Ron doesn’t retort to hide Mistahs corpse under the floorboards…

I went to the doctor yesterday, i got a new set of meds that are WAY cheaper than the previous ones. He also told me that my nerve should be healed enough by october so i will finally get the X-Rays to pin point the problem with complete certainity. I am not gonna joke about this, i am honestly nervous.

Other than that, not much to say. Thanks for reading the comic!


Hoo boy, I think they are gonna need a viable explanation or distraction for this tall handsome water dragon fellow, but how… wait what’s that sound?

Mayte: ….Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!

You know, for somebody, that’s pretty smart, he probably didn’t think this out well enough to avoid any suspicion. But, to be fair, I do understand why he did it given that, prior to said artifacts, he only had Mayte to show for his endeavors.
Also, is that gentleman behind Ron similar to Mayte? I thought all the males were extinct.

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