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So Shiny!!!

So Shiny!!! published on 82 Comments on So Shiny!!!

Page 129. I will be trying to give more details in the backgrounds now that they are back in Neon City. I wish to make the city look alive.

This is last week’s update. I will be posting Tina of the South this week also. And the next weekend it is time for The Eye again. I got delayed because of my job but i plan to catch up.


oh wait i was reading about this red water, where it is natural polution from a deposit of oil and coal combined with abundance of bacteria, and low amounts of oxygen, causing the water to turn red

the voyage is now over, and ram’s outburst has cooled down. now to see how the modern world reacts to mayte

What are the odds for a foreign hot girl that can´t read or write finding a job in the big city? XD

so they leave with six people, come back with 5, a water temple gaurdian, and an evil god thing? and on topp of that they still have to pay that girl back- this will not end well…

Yeah Avi will need that money back.

Let’s see… (Checks magic wallet.) Ah, I’ve got 1,000 Rupees, 999 Beanbean coins, 300 Mushroom Kingdom coins, 2,000 Rings, 64 Banana coins, 9,999 star bits, 15,000 Pokè dollars, 9,000 bells, and 30,000 Pokos. Will any of these pay Avi back?

I have over 570,000 Septims, will that help, not to mention 5.7 metric shitloads of gemstones, jewelry, magical trinkets, weapons, armor, and other junk that can be traded.

Is avencri a girl? sorry I only just found the katbox ^_^”

Actually i am a guy. I often use a female character of mine as my icons since every now and then get gift art of her and love the renditions other artists create. That in turn helps the confusion since the girl in question is a female of the same species of the avatar i use. Her name is Vencrina (Chalo named her as a joke regarding my username XD). I have also been told several times by others that they have mistaken my art for a female’s. I guess that growing up with older female sister artists was an influence in the way i draw eyelashes and such. If you are curious about the icon i use on the comments you can check the artist’s gallery:

MIND BLOWN…. (⊙益⊙)

I assume you thought i was a girl too? XD

There is a little button with a cog next to it up on the right next to the box to leave comments. Well, slightly below it. Hit that and got to “edit settings.” That will take you to the disqus page to edit stuff. You can upload a picture from there.

I just think it’s good to break out of the silly male/female norm. in my opinion, norms should only consist so far as the physiological differencies between genders, not the sociological. i. e. women’s clothes are womens clothes because they are sewn to fit the more curvy female physique, not because it’s pink or has a super-model print… same with art!

I think Nixie’s the only woman in the Katbox (besides perhaps Rascals, which was not on the logo in the hexagonal phase, and therefore does not count). I actually never thought Avencri was a girl, but I think I assumed Chalo was at one point. Also I called him Chalos.

Chalo is a guy, right? If not, it’s one AM, so cut me some slack.

reminds me of ADOS- Attention Deficit-Oh!!! Shiny!!!

I like ADHD. Attention Defecit hi Dan!!!

Uh… I think you mean Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Yes he wanted to say that, then he got distracted by his friend dan and forgot what he wanted to … WHOOOAAA look it’s totally snowing!!

hmm ._. just noticed the poll….i say stay in grey, really goes along with the western theme, but maybe do a few in color?


sepia would be cooler if you ask me


oh… i think that may be even harder to draw than color, wouldnt it? I’d rather have the pages come out faster than have them be in color, i mean, this comic would never work with black and white, but the other one… the grey, black, and white seems to work out really well for that comic, plus its easier to draw hence faster

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