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Table Turner

Table Turner published on 6 Comments on Table Turner

Sorry… new page is up. I forgot what i was gonna even post on this update due to a tech misshap.

So i guess i’ll do the short version?

1- Christmas shopping for family is done.

2- Sent several packages abroad for some friends online.

3- My new tablet arrived, tomorrow i go back to my house and i will finally be able to test if it works correctly.

4- I also go tmy Switch console but got no real games for now for a week or two.

5- This year didn’t last long enough for me… that worries me quite a bit.


Sorry for the short update…i guess i’ll be more talkative on the next post.

Thanks for reading, guys.


El Pollo Turuleco… I thought that was similar in meaning to El Pollo Loco, and I was not disappointed by my guess. 😉

On another front, that reporter seems really upset by those terms, so I guess that means she plans to honor them!

On another note, Avencri, I love your comic and your art style. I think it’s interesting how you post cohesive story segments rather than letting things like page formats get in the way.


The sad part is that the freedom of format makes my comic really hard or totally unfit for print. Which is a shame since i never thought about printing until it was too late. XD

Also the reason i post so many panels per page, since i update twice a month, i got to keep each page to actually show something regarding plot or characters. Otherwise readers would be disappointed.

Ron drives a hard bargain, but it might pay off for the both of them!
My dad says time is passing all too fast for him, what worries me is I already feel that way myself! Hopefully we can all focus less on worries and more on living, though life is fraught with cause for worry. Still, I try to be positive, and reading fun comics like yours (and many others) helps to brighten my day! Thank you for your hard work and I hope you have a lovely holiday season/new-years!

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