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Taxi Tour

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Hello everyone! Avencri here!

I want to give special thanks to Mihari for helping me big time with this page. I was struggling with the dialogues and had some panels that were sort of not needed. She did a great job on this page. ^^

Well if you follow my twitter you might know that a lot of stuff happened to me in the past months.

First of all, my videocard blew up during easter vacations. Since i needed a new videocard i decided to upgrade my whole rig using my savings. Sadly Newegg doesn’t ship to Mexico so i had a friend get the stuff and then send it to me. Sending a package from the US to Mexico takes about a month… so i didn’t have a computer powerful enough to work with for several weeks.

When the pieces arrived, i realized that i made a crucial mistake. The new motherboard was smaller than the previous one, so the cables from the power supply weren’t long enough to reach the motherboard and i forgot to get an inner casing for the new SSD i got. So i ordered from a local shop and it took 3 days to deliver.

After connecting everything, i realized that my fans were not working. The new cables were different from the ones i had. So i had to look for a Sata to Molex adapter for both fans. The local shops didn’t have them so i had to order them from the capital of the country. So it took a whole other week for them to arrive. Except… they were female to male cables, i needed male to female ones. So i had to call the shop and they took another whole week for the right cables to arrive.

Finally i had my computer in working condition!

Except that by that time i noticed several lumps in my jaw. After several days of them not showing any signs of going away i went to consult the doctor. He wasn’t really sure of what it was, he just said that my lymphatic nodes were strangely swollen. So he gave me some antiinflamatories, a steroid inyection and some vitamin B.

The thing is… after visiting him the lumps actually started to get bigger and harder. So i visited again and this time he looked really nervous and told me that if i didn’t improve i would need to get several clinical analysis. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics. But after several days things did not improve.

So then i went back to my hometown to visit the family doctor i have known for years. He was also perplexed so he had me take a blood test. The thing was expensive, over 100 dollars. But the test came back normal. I had no weird stuff in my blood (also no high sugar and no high cholesterol, yay). So he said that maybe it was just a big infection, but it could also be something more malignant. He had me take some echos just in case to discard a tumor.

I kid you not guys, those days i spent them very afraid at the possibility. My friends are witness at my state then. Luckily the echos (which were also over 100 dollars) came back showing that i was well for the most part… just those dammed lymphatic nodes. So the doctor gave me a new prescription for some really REALLY expensive and hard hitting antibiotics. Luckily these actually worked and i started showing improvement.

At the moment the lumps are slowly but progresively getting better. I had a really big scare, spent a huge amount of money (ouch) but apparently i am fine. And then i go to work at the office this monday to find that they had  massive lay offs for us. I was lucky to have kept my job, but i lost 4 of my best coworkers. I guess i should be grateful that i still got a job, specially after all the stuff i mentioned before.

Anyways, comic is posted. Tina of the South is also almost ready to update. Thanks for reading the comic guys.

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