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The Business Card

The Business Card published on 9 Comments on The Business Card

Hey guys… i want to apologize for the lack of communication these past 3 weeks. I have been dealing with a very important issue related to depression this time.  I am a lot better now. And i have started working on the patreon rewards i owe this week.

I have been feeling a bit inadequate lately, i am a very awkward person and i have a lot of trouble starting a conversation with others, even if i want to. At times it is even hard for me to start a conversation with people i have been friends with for years. I am very aghast when i see friends just being able to randomly talk to other artists with no issue and all of them responding easily. When i try to get in touch with other artists i admire, most of the time i get no response. It leaves me wondering if i am doing anything wrong, or if am not “good enough”. i honestly don’t know. I am aware i overthink things all the time and i am way too hard on myself. It just leaves me wondering. I just wish it was easier for me to just be more social and extroverted.

Anyways, as i said, i am doing way better than the previous weeks of this month. I just feel like… writing about how i feel i guess. Most of my friends in real life left the country so i feel like i don’t really have anyone else to talk to about my thoughts. Kinda makes me wonder if i should do the same. Then again i feel i got no real life skills to actually get a job at this point, other than work on a webcomic.

Thanks for the support, and i apologize for the delays.  Things have been hard on a mental level over here.


Heh, it shows how uncomfortable Ron is that he isn’t taking in what the queen says and considers an angry foreign dignitary an acceptable reaction! XD
Good to hear you’re feeling better! Depression is a terrible bother, my life would’ve been much different without it! (I think) I too have been somewhat left behind by my RL friends, they’ve moved on and made lives for themselves while my day-to-day has stagnated, but I try to keep semi-in-practice socially by interacting online. It’s not the same, but for the most part it’s been a pleasant experience, though some days I haven’t the energy for much beyond passively watching youtubes videos and doing small things like leaving ‘likes’ on the ones I enjoy (which is usually most of them). Even on bad days, I’ll sometimes come across a piece of art or a video that will touch me in such a way as to give me the energy to comment! Or I might watch a video that will get me laughing and clear some of the funk away! It’s nice when I find such things. Today was average and Mayte’s hand-puppet gave me a pleasant chuckle, so thank you for that and for making such a fun, interesting, and pleasing to the eye story for us readers to enjoy! If you wanted to talk more, I’d be open to that, though I’m not so good at reaching out/keeping up with how things are going myself!

You know, I’m actually surprised that Ghassan also didn’t criticize Ron for not teaching Mayte proper English, especially with all the verb usage…misusage.
Wait a minute…I thought that Jane was a grandmother? If that’s the case, does that mean Ron has the hots for a GMILF? XD

Dear Avencri,

Great work on the comics as always but there’s no need to apologise!You are/were busy and we understand that.Also,being shy is just one of the many traits that make us human,so never put yourself down!The next time,if you ever need to chat up with someone,a simple ‘hello’ or a smile and nod would do the trick.It’s not easy,I know that because I am the type of person whom most people would avoid as I never seem to smile(due to ahem,several incidents in the past).Anyway,I’m sure you would have better luck than me if you just gave it a shot-just approach anyone and be yourself.It takes time,so be patient with yourself and do it when you’re ready.

And about those other artists you tried to talk to but didn’t reply,again,don’t put yourself down!They’re just busy with other fans and business and I’m sure it ain’t because of the reasons you gave above.You are a talented artist and the fact that you continued this series over a decade says a lot about that!About your friends leaving the country,well,that’s reality.Unless we can always keep in touch,loneliness is unavoidable..If you want,I have a friend who’s also a budding artist and maybe I can introduce her to you(she’s quite active on the website I met her on).

Remember,don’t blame yourself for not being able to socialise as easily as the others.I’m not much of an artist(or at all) but patience is one of the qualities of an artist,am i right?It’s the same in life,if you’re patient and give yourself enough time,you’ll get there.BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.Keep it up and stay strong!

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