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The Death Of A God

The Death Of A God published on No Comments on The Death Of A God

Hello everyone!

Well, i got a lot to say about this page. I was late because i really REALLY had a hard time coming up with the script. The Eye of Ramalach actually deals with the aftermath of the events of my main story. Those that watch my DeviantArt and FurAffinity galleries will know that most of the images i post are from characters that are not from The Eye of Ramalach or Tina of the South. A great deal of those characters are from the other story “Chronicles of Crisald” where Catlen and Jane are the main characters.

As i said, The Eye of Ramalach happens 50 years after the end of the other story and the big link between both stories is Jane. When coming up with this page i wanted to do something really big and show a lot of cameos from several of the characters and villains while Ron narrates the story. But i came up with a big dilemma doing so. Not everyone that reads the webcomic knows about these characters and i was risking giving some information overload that would confuse readers. I wanted to give those that follow my galleries a treat with these characters; but balancing it without alienating the readers was a huge problem.

I actually made more than 5 different versions of this page with variation of the script. Had to cut most of the panels involving the main villains (Raffan, Catrina, Hippoloppo) and several other characters (Cela, Finic, Xochitl, Douglas). I still had some issues until i had help from a friend to put things in perspective.

You see… this page was something of a personal thing i wanted to share and it meant a lot to me. But what i want and what the readers can handle are very different things. So we came up with a resolution. To tell a version of the story as Ron would know it. And i got to say it works this way. We are only shown what Ron learned of these events that happened 50 years ago and went trough revisions. And while it is said that Jane “single handily” defeated The Son of the Void it is obviously not the case in the real version of the events.

Anyways, i hope i ended up taking the decision that is for the best for everyone else. And as much as i would like to show up the stories and personalities of the other characters; this webcomic is not the place for doing so. I am, on the other hand, very open to discussing and sharing the stories of these characters for whoever wants to learn about them.

As i said… this has been the single most difficult page of this webcomic for me to make. I know i am rather good at making the stories and fleshing out characters. But i DO know that i am a shitty writer when it comes to actually putting the story open for everyone else.

Thanks a lot for reading.

PD: I am also very happy with the final result of the final panel of Jane, Catlen and Spiny.

The panel on bigger size for those that want it:
The Green Queen

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