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The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda

The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda published on 3 Comments on The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda
Hello everyone!
Well this has been a very busy month. As mentioned before i ended up with several months of backlog work due to health issues and bureaucracy. I used most of August to catch up and been toiling at the work on a daily basis. I am glad to say that i cleaned up most of the old stuff i owed. And i am about to start on the requests sent to me via Patreon this week (if you sent me them via Patreon notes, yours are coming up in the following days). Sorry again for those delays.
I am also happy to finally have been able to include Miranda in some pages. She has been there in the comic since the very early days of planning but i had not found a suitable moment to show her until now. I thought it would be a nice setup to use her along with Mayte. She is a minor role so don’t expect her to hog up the spotlight.
I am also very excited since i am reaching a point in the story i consider pivotal. And i can completely say that very soon i will be done with 3/5ths of the story. This is a huge deal! College, work, and other things have set me back a bit over time. But we are getting closer and closer to the endgame!
I will also have very important news to share with you all in the following months. I am incredibly excited about it! But when time comes you will know.
Thanks for reading everyone! Still gonna be working on the rewards!


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