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The Flamekeeper

The Flamekeeper published on 6 Comments on The Flamekeeper

Hello everyone!

I have been busy as hell lately. First of all, it is a bit more of a week before my trip to Chicago and MFF. I am both excited and terrified. I haven’t traveled this far in my whole life! Also meeting with several of my online friends in person for the first time sounds amazing. Even though i know my shyness will take the best out of me at first. If you do go to MFF do come pay a visit, i will be hanging out with the rest of the Katbox people. ^^

I also want to thank everyone that showed up and helped with the MFF trip fund stream sessions we had over the past few weeks. Nekonny, Chalo, Godai, Tony and I spent a lot of time on these so we really appreciate everyone showing up and/or spreading the word.

Also regarding my dad’s surgery. Well turns out surgery was not needed. The urologist was able to shatter the stone with a probe so opening him up was not needed. He recovered really fast and was out of the hospital the very next day. It was a huge relief, Specially since well… i spent the night at his side in a very cold room with just a shitty chair. I am not looking for repeating THAT anytime soon.

Also, gonna be horribly busy the next weeks. Getting closer to that announcement i wanted to make but god i am gonna be on deep crunch time soon.

Take care you all!!


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