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The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince published on 11 Comments on The Lost Prince

Hello everyone!

Well this past week has been unreal and very scary to be honest, i am honestly afraid for my future, the one for my family and the one for my country. I honestly don’t really know what to think at this moment.

I am specially afraid when i realized that there are a lot of people hoping to see Mexico’s economy fall flat. I don’t know if this is just out of ignorance or malice. I find it very hard to understand why some people really want that to happen.

So yeah, part of what made me struggle with this page was me being nervous about all of the things happening this week. The other part is that i wanted to experiment with colors a bit more.

I still got a lot to learn when it comes to artwork and coloring.

Stay safe everyone!


You know, if it were Ben, that secret spot would so mean something else. XD
But in all due seriousness, I must say that I just adore this page, especially the night scene. I just adore the various red, purple, and orange like hues. And I must admit I rather dig the story here.

This is absolutely fantastic – love that sunset, and the personal interactions we’ve been seeing in these past few pages. good stuff~!

I’m sorry that people have got you feeling jumpy. and with good reason, I’d admit. (I’m not one of those looking for Mexico’s economic decline – in a world market, what hurts one, hurts everyone. the current…maneuvers…are akin to a man removing their nose to spite their face, as the saying goes.

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