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The Meek Shall Inherit

The Meek Shall Inherit published on 12 Comments on The Meek Shall Inherit

Hello everyone!

Boy have i been making a lot of “Little Shop of Horrors” references with my pages. I just love that movie/play.

Not much to say at this moment, i just finds it really refreshing to get the excuse to draw several ugly as hell character for this page. And Ned Flanders for some reason?

Take care you all!


*Looks at Panel 3*
Why @Avencri …why do you hate CPAs so much man? XD

But joking all aside, I have to say I see quite a few cameos from the Simpsons, most notably Ned Flanders as a weasel/ferret…

And man…Ron’s old high school bully is such an a** PUN INTENDED! But I do see he’s a fine ass lover.

Also @Avencri , was is Cyrano a clever reference to Cyrano de Bergerac, a play written in 1897 by French author Edmond Rostand?

I’m sorry for what I’m about to say but. Looking at the sharks teeth makes me wonder. Does this world have a good dentil plan. I mean like. He has CRACKS in his teeth. I mean if the shark is going to bare its fangs at least fix them with fillers or something. I was about to roast on this hole strip but I thought that would be excessive

-A loyal viewer

heh…. Ron’s a humble bastard. he should tell these folks who are badgering him to kindly fuck off.

THAT was my FIRST thought……
I’d have looked him full in the face, away from the cameras, and told Ramalach to open his eye and say something……
THAT would get him off me RIGHT QUICK…………….

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