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The Testosterone Room published on 3 Comments on The Testosterone Room

Hello everyone!

I have had a rather busy week. You see, my dad is getting surgery in a couple of weeks. Getting some stone gladder removed. Everything seems fine, i am only worried due to his age. Anyways, as part of the whole surgery thing, the IMSS asked us to restock some of the blood used on him. Two units. So i have spent a good chunk of the past few weeks talking to friends, coworkers and old college friends about finding some blood donors. I wasn’t able to find any.

I am also unable to be a blood donor, i was told years ago that my veins are too thin when i tried to donate blood for a friend’s father who was getting surgery. So this is a bit frustrating.

The time limit is this 29th and i got calls from my mother pretty much pushing me to talk to more people. The kicker is that i realized just now that they never told my sister (who i share an apartment with) about the blood donations. She has her own whole social group and coworkers she could have asked about this weeks ago. The worst part is that yesterday night i realized my father didn’t even contact his brothers, sisters or even my cousins from the Whatsapp group or even Facebook.

I am not gonna lie. I am mad at them for basically dumping all responsibility at me and then getting mad that i wasn’t able to find donors. Yet they didn’t do anything on their end and didn’t even think about telling my sister.

On the bright side, just after two days of making this known to my sister she found 5 donors at her workplace so we are actually set on this… 2 days before the deadline. Jeez…

On other news, i am still thrilled about going to MFF at the end of November. I haven’t traveled as a tourist in more than ten years. It’s exciting…then i realized i need to buy shoes that work on snow. Haha, i am actually gonna see snow for the first time in my life! That is kind of crazy!

Anyways, thanks for the support everyone.


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