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The Two Tickets

The Two Tickets published on 9 Comments on The Two Tickets

Hello everyone!

First of all, i just want to apologize for the lack of communication and updates as for recent. I have been literally going back and forth between cities to get all my paperwork ready for the Visa application as well as trying to track down my accountant back in my hometown. The thing is… the guy was involved in some electoral campaign last month and his candidate won the spot for mayor. I need to declare my taxes for the SAT so i could actually get my paperwork done to show at the application for my Visa.

So the accountant was not replying to my calls and emails, so i had to go to my hometown several times to finally catch him. Several times i was unable to find him and basically wasted whole days traveling back and forth. When i finally got him… it only took him 20 minutes… i spent days looking for him for 20 minutes of work…

Anyways, so i finally got my appointment for the Visa and i had all this mountain of paperwork. Taxes, my credit card history, Patreon information, Payoneer information, birth certificate. Explanations on what Patreon is and how it works. My professional degree card. Pretty much everything. Then i got to the interview and the guy just saw me… asked me if i was a graphic designer and if i was going to visit the US as a tourist. After a brief answer he just told me, “Your Visa has been approved”…

Weeks of paperwork and chasing people around while driving between cities for NOT A SINGLE paper to be inspected. Well i feel like i wasted a lot of time worrying over nothing. On the bright side, i got my Visa and i can start planning to travel around the US.

On the bad side, i got an even bigger queue of work i need to finish. Mostly patreon requests… i apologize again for the lateness but on the bright side i don’t have to travel back and forth again and i can concentrate on getting this stuff done!

Thanks for the support everyone. Expect a lot of new posts and streams in the following days… i got WAY too much stuff i need to catch up with.

Might make some big changes to my Patreon in the following months. I won’t say anything until figure out what is fair for everyone.

Take care you all!


Man…that sucks about the whole constant back and forth between the cities and town to get the info. But I’m glad to hear that you got it all squared away.

For the comic, I have to say that I just adore the various shifts from calm to hysteria to violence!
Also…now that I do think about it, Ron has made the dates more about his interests than hers. Then again, perhaps he was wanting her to plan this one.

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