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They’re all gonna laugh at you!!!

They’re all gonna laugh at you!!! published on No Comments on They’re all gonna laugh at you!!!

Lol at the silly title reference!

Well i got bad news to start… My plans to go to the US for the first time in years and go to the Comicon to meet some friends are more than likely not going to happent his year. Loosing my job back at december makes it it really hard for me to actually get a Visa. Even if i am currently working as a freelancer being able to be granted a visa is difficult since i “don’t really have a job” so yeah.

Other than that, i had some votes on my Patreon for the rest of the wallpapers i owe. The result for the wallpaper of November was surprising to say the least. Still glad to see that even secondary characters are liked.  ^^

Other than that… well i wam waiting for my New 3DS and my copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to arrive. Any Monster Hunter players in here? Love that series… thought i am sad at lagiacrus, qurupeco and gigginox not making the cut for this one. On the other hand… Chameleos the purple poisonous dragon that lets you make a mage set. If you have seen my avatar i have used for years now… Avencri is a purple poisonous dragon that happens to be a mage. Chameleos is my soul pet! XD

Thanks for reading guys! =D

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