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Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind published on No Comments on Two Of A Kind

Hello everyone!!

I haven’t got many news for this update but i wanted to take some time to make a plug for some other webcomics.

First of all, if you haven’t already, take some time to check the other webcomics hosted at The Katbox. There is a lot of variety and done by very different people. I am surprised at how much the site has grown and is now basically a hub for webcomics. I honestly never saw that coming with your start.

Demoon is a fantasy webcomic done by one of my best friends in real life. It is currently in hiatus due to health issues but the artist is very active in her online galleries in DA.

DreamKeepers, i still haven’t caught up with the story completely but it is well worth it for the artwork alone. The backgroudns specially deserve some mention!

My life with Fel, i have to say that Kenno’s story does get you “in the feels” often. One thing that i like is how he ┬áchanges the artwork on updates to different styles depending on the mood.

The roomies, after a recent reboot and change in style this slice of life comic is just starting. Very good artwork!

Death by Misadventure and Scalie Scoolie both have really enjoyable development in very different ways and the character design is a complete delight in my opinion!!

Awkward Zombie is in my opinion the best videogame related webcomic there is. Always funny and with great facial expressions!!

Oglaf is completely NSFW but is one of the most consistently smart and funniest webcomics i have read!

Hark, a vagrant! This one makes use of literature or historical figures to make a lot of really funny jokes. Only place i have ever seen where they make something hilarioius with Benito Juarez!!

This is all for now, thanks for reading! =D

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