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We’re Supportive, Bro!

We’re Supportive, Bro! published on 6 Comments on We’re Supportive, Bro!

Hello everyone!


Well, November is here now and i realize i am running out of time to do a lot of stuff i want to do and my deadlines will catch up. I am ready to make a big announcement by the end of the month so stay tuned.

Also, i am going to MFF this year in Chicago.  Just going as a visitor and i will be there for anyone that would like to pay a visit there. Never traveled or gone to a convention like this in my life so i am both excited and nervous about it.

Thanks for the support, everyone!


I can see why he doesn’t want to put on any pants as he’s showing off those sweet scars! Seriously, scar man looks so boss. Also, with all the buff men about, I take it Ron is going to hit the gym and buff up.

Hitting the gym would be useful, if for no other reason than it will make it easier for him to run away.

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