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You Have To Stay Longer

You Have To Stay Longer published on 13 Comments on You Have To Stay Longer

Hello everyone!

Well, my parents are going out to travel and meet my eldest sister, the neurologist. So i am staying at their place for a week to do some house sitting and take care of the toothless ancient chihuahua and their 3 not so smart cats. XD

Ill be having the house to myself so i will be enjoying some good privacy.

Regarding this page, i won’t really say what Gretta and her boss are talking about, but i do want to explain that in the second panel he makes an off color joke about the differences between spaniard spanish and mexican spanish that is impossible to translate since it won’t make sense in any other language. Gretta is not amused at her boss and hisĀ  13 year oldĀ  style of humor.

The Spanish group “La oreja de Van Gogh” ran into a lot of dirty jokes in their mexican tour because one of their songs had the lirics “nos cogemos este bote” which in Mexico is understood as “we will fuck this boat”.

Yesterday i saw Coco, i went with really low expectations and ended up liking the movie a lot. This is a case where a really bad trailer can taint the view of people about the whole product. Doesn’t help that the trailer only featured the stuff that was already done in The Book of Life instead of featuring what made this movie unique on it’s own. I say give it a try!


goddamnit! i can’t read spanish!

It is a joke that only makes sense in spanish. A translation would not make sense.

i see… well that’s too bad.

My spanish is poor, and I relied on GTranslate a bit, so I’m probably losing tons of nuance and making egregious errors, but…

“We can’t find the mouse! I’m worried my baby will be born in a foreign country!”
“Greta, you’ve got to understand that the appearance of deivons in your client’s city can be very risky for our organization. They need to stay there until it’s found!”
“Unacceptable! If things keep going like this, I’m going to take the first boat back to my husband!!”

“What’s so funny?
“Where I come from, the word “take” is a euphemism. Planning on bedding a boat?”

“Wow, very mature…”
“Back to the matter at hand. We can’t draw the attention of Jane again. Hopefully you can rendezvous with O’Really soon and leave the country without drawing the queen’s attention. Understood?”


Okay, my Spanish is a little rusty, but I think I get the gist of what’s being said.

Panel 1:
Gretta: We can’t find the mouse! I’m worried that my baby will be born in a foreign county (in a differnt country in a country different from mine).
Guy: Greta, you must be aware that the appearance of Devions in your client’s city puts our organization in a lot of trouble. Your team needs to stay in Neon city until they find it.
Gretta: Unacceptable! If we continue like this, I will take the first boat back with my husband.

Panel 2:
Guy: Lauging sounds
Gretta: What’s so funny?
Guy: Where I come from, the word take is used to say sex. You want to sleep with a boat?
Gretta: Very mature…

Panel 3:
Guy: Back to the problem on hand. We can’t draw Jane’s attention again. Hopefully, you can retreive O’Raelly soon and leave the country without drawing her attention. Understood?
Gretta: Sir, yes sir. Understood.
Guy: Bye.

Panel 4:
Gretta: Cunt!

Looks like someone has some anger issues. But then again, I can understand that too given that she’s pregnant. Wait, is her husband with her in the city somewhere? For that matter, I had no idea she was married until I read her newly updated bio. But I will say it’s nice that Gretta was able to calm down with girl talk about a gun. And dang! That guy is scary with his mouth full of claws.

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